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Library Policies

Library Policies
Mission Statement
The Library at Inver Hills Community College serves the educational, cultural, and leisure-time needs of our campus community by providing a variety of print and non-print materials as well as information services. The Library staff strive to make the library a welcoming space that encourages a passion for life-long learning.

Inver Hills Library has a collection of over 65,000 books, ebooks, reference materials, CDs, and DVDs. The Library also subscribes to over 150 periodicals as well as over 50 online databases. Library privileges are available to all currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. Please obtain a student ID card from the soft lounge area, located on the upper level of the College Center across from the Enrollment Center. After you have a card, stop in the Library to get your library barcode activated.  You will need a library barcode to check out materials and book a study room.

Items which may be checked out with an Inver Hills library card include:

  • Books for 28 days (faculty and staff may have them for one semester)
  • Periodicals for 7 days (some exceptions)
  • Feature film DVDs for 7 days (Limit 10)
  • CDs for 7 days (Limit 10)
  • Reserve materials for 2 hours, 4 hours or overnight
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) material loan period is determined by the lending library

Reference books cannot be checked out but users may photocopy needed information from them. Instructors' audiovisual materials may not be checked out to students, but they may view them in the viewing room in the Library.  As a courtesy to all of our users we ask that individuals follow our policies to ensure that materials are readily available to everyone. 

Community Members
Community members are welcome to use Inver Hills Community College Library and may request a library card, which entitles them to the similar borrowing privileges as IHCC students. Individuals can obtain library cards at the library circulation desk.



Inver Hills Library does not charge fines for overdue materials. If items become overdue, users will receive a series of three notices via email before a Bill for Replacement will be issued and holds will be placed on your library and college accounts preventing you from using any Library resources, registering for classes or receiving grades and transcripts.  If materials are returned in good condition after the Bill for Replacement is issued, the charges will be dropped and holds will be removed from the user’s accounts after two business days.  If 30 days pass after the Bill for Replacement has been sent out and the material has not been paid for, returned or replaced the charges will be referred to the Inver Hills business office and you will be expected to pay the bill in full. Because Inver Hills Community College Library is a state institution any outstanding charges are subject to having MCE (Minnesota Collection Agency) collect the cost of the materials.  Any items returned after the 30 day billing period will be treated as a donation to the library and you will still be expected to pay the full replacement charge for the item plus any additional processing fees.
Please note that anyone who fails to return library materials will be subject to having MCE (Minnesota Collection Agency) collect the cost of the materials.  Returning the items does not waive fees once the account has been sent to collections.

Lost /Damaged Items
If you lose or damage materials, you will be expected to pay for the replacement of those lost or damaged items.  If you choose to find a replacement copy, it must be a new edition (not used) and the EXACT same item as the one lost. Library staff can help you locate a replacement item, but you will need to purchase it and bring it into the library.  Once the replacement copy is given to the library, the hold will be removed from your record.  If you choose to pay for the lost item, you must go to the Business Office to pay the replacement fee.  After the replacement fee is paid, we will remove the hold from your record.  Replacement fees vary according to the type of item you have lost or damaged and are usually more expensive than purchasing a new copy.  Come talk to us, we're happy to work with you to resolve any problems.
If 30 days have passed after the Bill for Replacement has been issued, the library will initiate the replacement process and you will not be eligible to replace or return the item - you will be expected to pay the full replacement fee.      
Computer Use
The IHCC Library has 5 research computers that do not require a login. These computers offer access to library resources and the Internet. Public access is allowed, though priority is given to registered students and coursework-related use is given priority over recreational browsing. Microsoft Office programs are not available on these computers. Coursework requiring the use of Microsoft Office programs can be completed in the Library Classroom (L104) when classes are not in session or on other computers located around campus.
The Library Classroom computers are available for student use during open library hours if no library classes are scheduled. Use of the computers in the Library Classroom is restricted to registered students, faculty, and staff of IHCC. A StarID/password is required to log in. Scheduled class times are posted daily outside of the room. Hours vary during summer sessions, non-class days, and semester breaks.
The library accepts donations of books and materials from students, faculty, staff, and the community, but does not guarantee that donations will be incorporated into the collection.  All donations will be evaluated with the same collection development criteria listed below.  Any donations not added to the Inver Hills library will be placed on a “Free” cart for anyone to take.  The Library does not do valuations for tax purposes.  Please see a professional book dealer for a valuation.
Any donation of ten items or more must come with an itemized list to include title, author and date of publication. We apologize but we do not have staff resources to handle donations without this requirement.
Criteria for Material Selection
We will make every effort to keep the following criteria in mind when selecting resources for purchase.   Particular criterion may assume greater or lesser importance depending on the type of materials being considered or the subject matter covered.

  • Relevance to the curriculum, research needs, and educational goals.
  • Scope and content – comprehensiveness, depth of coverage, and factual accuracy.
  • Scholarly value or literary merit.
  • Authoritativeness of the author(s), editor, or publisher.
  • Currency and timeliness.
  • Positive reviews
  • Relevance to existing collections.
  • Physical quality and/or special features.
  • Availability of materials through Interlibrary Loan or document delivery.
  • Cost of the item or set of items.
  • Maintaining balanced viewpoints on controversial topics.


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