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Welcome to the Inver Hills Library Research Tutorial! 

You've been asked to write a research paper and now what do you do?  The next 6 modules will guide you to understanding the research process and the many resources you can and should use for college assignments.  Each module will explain a step in the research process, give examples, and give you a chance to practice what you're learning.  

Anytime you have a question or need some help, please don't hesitate to contact the Inver Hills librarians by phone, email or chat.  The contact information will be on the left side of each screen of the tutorial.  

Go to Module 1 or jump to any module that will help you with what you need to know right now - how to find a book, how to find articles or understand the basics of copyright. Remember, like many other things, learning something new is a process. Don't dispair! Stay focused and ask for help at any stage of the process. 

Good luck and have fun!

Click here for Module 1 or click on the link in the Table of Modules box on the left.

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